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Herefords Australia National Sale at Dubbo top out at $32,000

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Jun 07, 2018

A son of super carcase sire Allendale Anzac E114 has topped the 57th annual Herefords Australia National Sale at Dubbo on $32,000.

Held at Dubbo on June 5, the National drew 65 registered buyers to clear 44 bulls from the 95 offered for a gross of $350,500 and average of $7965.

Steve and Debbie Reid, Talbalba Herefords, Millmerran, Qld, in partnership with Mark and Nikita Duthie, Callaway Poll Herefords, Irvingdale, Qld, outlaid the top price of $32,000 for Lot 77, Ravensdale Guardian M222, sold by Brian Burgess, Ravensdale Poll Herefords, Holbrook, NSW.

The August 2016 drop son of Allendale Anzac E114 weighed 884kg, and scanned with an eye muscle area of 129sqcm, P8 of 18mm and rump fat of 10mm.

On BREEDPLAN, Guardian had a 600 day weight of +110kg, an eye muscle area of +3.8sqcm and intramuscular fat of 1.2 per cent.

Steve Reid said Guardian matched good performance data with an attractive phenotype.

“He was correct, sirey and had some style about him with growth figures in the top one per cent, positive calving ease and marbling in the top five per cent, all combined with a proven pedigree,’’ Mr Reid said.

John Settree, Landmark Stud Stock Dubbo, said dry seasonal conditions had impacted the sale with a lack of commercial underpinning, creating a select market on the day.

“It was an opportunity sale, it was a good draft of cattle and I congratulate the (vendors) in what they’ve done in getting the bulls to Dubbo, but it’s been a trying season conditionally,’’ Mr Settree said.

“It was a hard day and the sale result didn’t reflect the quality that was here.’’

The second top price of $22,000 was reached twice with another Ravensdale entry, Ravensdale Westward M035 selling to Marc Greening, Injemira Beef Genetics, Book Book, NSW.

Sired by Otapawa Spark 3060, Ravensdale Westward M035 weighed 896kg, scanned at 127sqcm on the eye muscle area, and had a 40cm scrotal circumference.

The February 2016 drop bull had a BREEDPLAN estimated breeding value of +4.1sqcm for eye muscle, intramuscular fat percentage of two and birthweight of +4kg.

Ravensdale Poll Herefords averaged $15,500 for their team of four bulls, following on from a strong average at Wodonga for a catalogue of 17 bulls.

Mr Burgess said the market acceptance was a vote of confidence in the stud’s breeding program.

“We’ve harvested and placed over 1000 embryos to get genetic gain every year – it’s been a big cost but we’ve got a great foundation,’’ he said.

The Yavenvale Jibber J424 son, Kerlson Pines Keystone M004 was offered by Mark and Anita Wilson, Kerlson Pines Poll Herefords, Keith, SA, and bought by Curracabark Herefords, Gloucester, NSW, and Dalkeith Herefords, Cassilis, for $22,000.

The April 2016 drop bull weighed 998kg, and scanned 135sqcm on the eye muscle, 21mm at the P8 and 13mm on the rump, with a 42cm scrotal circumference.

Continuing the success of South Australian studs on the day, Kerlson Pines averaged $9000 for four bulls, while Minlacowie averaged $9000 for two bulls and Allendale averaged $9250 for four bulls.

Rayleigh Monument M50 was sold by Jeff and Robyn Holcombe, Rayleigh Poll Herefords, Burren Junction, NSW, for the third top price of $20,000 to the Jeffery family, Eathorpe Poll Herefords, Armidale, NSW.

Weighing 1008kg, the June 2016 drop bull was sired by Mountain Valley Karabar K203, had a BREEDPLAN 600 day weight of +110kg and had a scrotal circumference of 46cm.

Overall, Rayleigh averaged $14333 for their team of three bulls, with senior champion, Rayleigh Magnum M009, making $16,000.

South Australian vendors Alastair and Jayne Day, Bordertown, sold Allendale Heidelberg M061, a son of Allendale J1 Freeway K28, for $16,000 to Lachie and Lou Day, Days Whiteface, Bordertown.

The National’s grand champion bull, Lachdale Mindblower M003, was sold by Greg and Lachie Scurr, Lachdale stud, Texas, Qld, for $10,000 to M & D Leader, Binnaway, NSW.

Among the volume buyers on the day was the Lethbridge family, Warren Point Pastoral, Mitchell, Qld, with five bulls to a top of $11,000.

Chris Lethbridge said improved seasonal conditions in Queensland had enabled Warren Point Pastoral to take advantage of the sale prices at Dubbo.

Picture - Lot 77: Ravensdale Guardian M222 was the top priced bull at the 2018 Dubbo National Hereford Sale, selling for $32,000 to Steve and Debbie Reid, Talbalba Herefords, Millmerran, Qld, in partnership with Mark and Nikita Duthie, Callaway Poll Herefords, Irvingdale, Qld. Pictured with Jenny Adams and Brian Burgess of Ravensdale, John Settree, Landmark Dubbo, Mark Duthie, Callaway, Stuart Hobbs, Ravensdale, and Steve and Deb Reid, Talbalba.