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Hamilton Sheep selling centre overflows

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Dec 15, 2017

Yarding - 54,829
Lambs - 54,829

The Hamilton selling centre was pushed to overflowing point as 54,829 lambs were sold with agents challenged for space for penning. Quality was mixed, varying from very good to average with many larger lines of all grades and weights. There were also many plainer and well-bred store lambs offered to the largest buying field for the year with extra processors and restockers present followed by a large group of spectators. Demand again remained very strong as prices continued mostly a dearer trend with heavy lambs finishing $10 to $15/head higher. Heavy trade weights sold $6 higher, medium trade weights were $3 dearer and light lambs sold from firm to $2/head dearer. Some very light lambs were up to $5/head better with store buyers and processors intent on filling their orders. All comparisons are made with Monday’s lamb market with 20 pens in the yarding selling between $200 and $245/head.

Restockers from the Northern Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales purchased throughout the market as store lambs made from $112 to $137/head. Lighter lots sold from $34 to $89/head as they started slightly dearer on outside pens to finish up firm.

Light weight 2 score lambs to the processors made $103 to $120, light trade weights 2 and 3 scores sold from $118 to $136/head to average 670c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight lambs 2 and 3 scores sold from $127 to $153/head to average 680c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight 3 scores with more cover made $142 to $170 and the heavy trade weight lambs 3 and 4 scores sold between $158 and $184/head as they averaged between an estimated 685c and 690c/kg cwt. Heavy 3 and 4 score lambs sold from $166 to $197/head to average close to 687c/kg cwt. Heavy export 4 score lambs made from $194 to the market top of $245/head with average costs close to 680c/kg cwt.

Please note that next Wednesday is a combined lamb and sheep for the last sale of 2017.