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Derrynock Poll Dorset's top of $17,000

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Oct 17, 2017

Derrynock Poll Dorset and Meat Maternal Stud, Trentham, Vic held their 20th annual on-property Sale last Thursday.

17 Poll Dorset Rams sold to a total clearance and at an average of $5500.

Top priced Ram, Derrynock 2/16 was sold to Aberdeen Poll Dorset Stud, Henty, NSW for $17,000

120 Flock Rams sold to an average of $1605, a top of $2800 with a total clearance

It was a full clearance of the 39 Ewes offered with the average being $649 and the top $1400

In another total clearance, 40 Meat Maternal Rams sold to a top of $2400 an average of $1255.

The gross for the Sale was $361,611 for the Beattie family