"Prime" Ag News is Ag News done differently

You are invited to write articles for us, send in you press releases or you can type a letter to the editor. *Conditions apply. Click here to send us your copy.

We focus on all the Ag issue with a combination of "fast" News (topical & breaking) and "Long" News (stories)

We have an instant audience of nearly 23,000 Farm Members

*Please note that Farm Tender "Prime" reserves the right to publish or not publish your article, press release or letter for any reason whatsoever.

How to upload "Prime" Ag News articles, press releases and letters to the editor

You have to be registered with Farm Tender to upload your copy. Click here to register.

Once registered or signed in, go to the "My Account" dropdown at the top right of the website.

The click on "Prime" Ag News link (see below left)


Then click on the “Green” button and it will take you to the "Prime" Ag News form (See above right).

From there just submit your copy with a headline, the content and add an image. Once your article, press release or letter to the editor has been submitted it will go into the "pending" file where it will need to be approved to be sent live.

For more information contact Dwain Duxson 0427 011 900 or dwaind@farmtender.com.au

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