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Take 8% off the RRP if you buy a Grevillia Ag 15m x 300m Silage Cover

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    12m x 50m --- RRP $595.95 Inc GST Ex Melbourne or Brisbane
    15m x 50m --- RRP $743.95 Inc GST Ex Melbourne or Brisbane
    15m x 300m --- RRP $4465.95 Inc GST Ex Melbourne or Brisbane (price displayed)
    18m x 50m --- RRP $955.95 Inc GST Ex Melbourne or Brisbane
    20m x 50m --- RRP $1054.95 Inc GST Ex Melbourne or Brisbane

    Triple layer for strength and air tight seal:
    * Black, green, white layers
    * Keeps your silage cool

    High oxygen barrier:
    * Keeps air out, seals pit, better quality silage

    150-micron thichness with high tensile strength:
    * Will not puncture when walked on, resists vermin damage

    UV rated for up to 2 years protection of your silage:
    * Longer if used with Zilltec240 Silage Proection Covers & Rhinotec Sealing Plastic

    Using Silage covers:
    * Ensure silage is properly compacted to remove as much air as possible prior to covering.
    * Where possible use with Zilltec Mesh Protective Covers on top, and Rhinotec Transparent Silage Sealing Plastic underneath. This will offer the best possible sealing and result in best quality silage out.
    * Cover silage as soon as possible after compaction. Research shows that losses increase quickly as time goes by.
    * Ensure sufficient overlap for each cover, and weigh down with Zill Silo Bags, tyres, or sand bags.
    * Seal edges with Zill Silo Bags, soil, tyres or sandbags to ensure air-tight seal and ensure that water can not enter the stack or pit.