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    Good Product and high quality

    Ewe Lambing Pellets
    Pro: 14
    ME: 13.9
    NDF: 11.0 - 12.0

    *Provided as a Supplement to Pasture
    *Nutritionally Balanced with the Benefit of Canola Oil from the whole Canola seed included in our pelleting process.
    *High Energy allowsn the ewes to keep lactating longer with better growth in lambs
    *Contains Trace Elements & Vitamins needed for growth
    *Steam pelleted & Fully gelatinised so no undigested grain is wasted
    *There is no seperation of vitamins & Minerals
    *Contains Lasalocid Sodium ( Bovatec ) for optimal feed conversion & Acid Buff as a Buffer

    # Ewe Lambing Pellets #
    *Ewes should be given free access to Hay or Straw Prior to the Introduction of Ewe Lambing Pellets

    *Introduce Pellets Gradually At 200 Grams Per Head Per Day
    *For Ten Days - Then increase by 50gms / Head / day
    *To Feed at .40 to .60 Kgs per Head per day With Hay or Straw Available all the time

    !! Always Feed with Hay or Straw & Provide Clean Fresh Water !!