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Prime Membership price 1 $ 50.35 + GST $ 50.35 + GST
Non-member (RRP) price 1 $ 51.55 + GST $ 51.55 + GST
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    Big Bale Twines, Small Square Twines and Round Bale Twines are stocked in all our sites around Australia and New Zealand. These high performance twines are UV stabilised with ability to work on all baler types.

    Twine available: Large.

    Pope Ultra HD: 1 x 1010m Terracotta: PMM-$61.67 + GST. NON PMM-$63.15 + GST
    Pope Superior HD: 1 x 930m Blue: PMM-$49.37 + GST. NON PMM-$50.55 + GST
    Pope Blue Tiger Plus: 1 x 1250m: PMM-$56.40 + GST. NON PMM-$57.85 + GST
    Pope Blue Tiger XXX HD Big Square: 1 x 1100m: PMM-$50.35 + GST. NON PMM-$51.55 + GST . (Featured Price)
    Pope White Tiger Big Square: 2 x 1100m: PMM-$97.60 + GST. NON PMM-$99.95 + GST
    Pope Blue Tiger Big Square 2 x 1150m: PMM-$101.79 + GST. NON PMM-$104.25 + GST
    Pope Harvest HD: 2 x 1150: PMM-$92.52 + GST. NON PMM-$94.75 + GST
    Pope Bulldog Blue Big Square: PMM-$91.45 + GST. NON PMM-$93.65 + GST

    NOTE: Prices are per pallet. EX Melbourne.

    Small Square and Round also available, enquire at the PAC