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    Maxisoy+ Low GI Super Fibre Pellets are the ideal low starch, low sugar, super fibre feed for all horses. Comprised of 100% soy hull with no added molasses or other feedstuffs Maxisoy+ is the gold standard in providing quality fibre to all equines. Maxisoy+ is very easy to feed and provides superior conditioning whilst remaining cost effective in comparison to many other fibre sources.

    Maxisoy+ is prepared from human grade soy beans. The beans are meticulously selected to our high standards, and then processed in a quality controlled plant in Malaysia to remove the soy hulls. These hulls are then processed to create Maxisoy+ pellets.
    Your horses’ diet is a fundamental aspect of horse care, it is a critical factor in horse performance, and it is fully in your control. Make the right choices.

    Low GI (less then 5% sugar + starch)
    Research has shown that the feeding of 'High GI' starch and sugar rich feeds to be directly linked to formation of conditions such as cushings disease, laminitis, tying up, PSSM, obesity, insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome and behavioral problems.

    Maxisoy+ provides dietary energy through fermentation of fibre in the digestive system and thus avoids insulin spikes and associated problems caused by the feeding of high GI feeds. By both glycemic index and laboratory carbohydrate analysis Maxisoy+ is extremely safe for insulin resistant horses.