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  • Elmore, VIC, 3558
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PMM's get 10% off RRP for a minimum pallet (4) of 250m Fastlock Vermin Exclusion Fencing 12/115/15 - Ex Elmore

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    Vermin Exclusion Fencing

    Over the past 10 years, Southern Wire has supplied 1000’s of kilometres of vermin exclusion fencing to the Western Queensland
    and Western New South Wales regions. Some of the common sizes can be found below, however Southern Wire has the ability to
    manufacture a fence to your exact requirement ensuring the fence does not cost you more than it needs to suit your application.
    Many of these sizes suit the Rapid Post which are available at 2.1m, 2.3m or 2.4m lengths. The 2.4m Rapid Posts are also
    available in n EXTRA heavy post that weighs 75% more than the standard size Rapis Post.

    • Customisable wire configurations to suit your application.
    • Sizes that suit Rapid Posts to allow fast installation.
    • Available in 250m or 500m rolls to reduce wire joining.