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PAC Premium Feedlot Pellets For Sale In Bulk Ex Western District

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    PAC Feedlot Pellets For Sale In Bulk Ex Western District
    Formulated to contain 11.5 MJ ME and with a balanced mix of rumen digestible and bypass protein equating to 19% crude protein, the ‘PREMIUM LAMB FEEDLOT’ pellet also contains an additional complete vitamin and mineral mix to assist in animal health in more intense operations leading to consistent weight gain.
    Also contains a buffer in improve rumen function and minimise risk of acidosis.
    Pro: 19
    ME: 11.5
    These Pellets Include a Blend Of Buffers so can be used as a good Full ration and just ad bales of Straw or similar.
    Introduction to full ration should be conducted over a 10 - 14 Day Duration to see the best result.
    Pellets are sieved at production to keep the fines to a minimum.
    Pellet sizes are 4.5mm x 10mm long
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