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    Kivi-Pekka is a stone picker that can be used to remove
    stones from fields efficiently and to clear new fields of tree
    roots and branches. Kivi-Pekka can also be used for road
    foundation work, golf courses and landscaping.
    In general, stones have been removed from fields manually.
    This takes a lot of time and can even endanger the worker’s
    health due to poor working postures, without ever leading to
    results that match those attained by mechanical removal. A
    thoroughly cleared, stoneless field yields a better crop and
    prevents the other farming machinery from being damaged,
    saving you the cost of their repair.
    Kivi-Pekka performance is in a class of its own with the
    largest model boasting a working width of 7 m and picking
    stones with diameters up to 50 cm. In stony conditions, the
    stone picking capacity is 1,500 kg per minute. The tipping
    height is 290 cm, which allows the stones to be tipped even
    onto a high dump lorry. This makes it easier to re-use the
    stones in other locations. Using Kivi-Pekka does not require
    a large tractor since a towing capacity of only 100 hp will run
    even the largest stone picker. The machines are customised
    to the customer’s specifications, thereby providing each stone picker with the working width and accessories you need.
    Kivi-Pekka is manufactured in Rantasalmi, right among
    the stoniest fields found in Finland. The granite-rich rock
    material of our fields creates the perfect conditions for
    product development and testing our machines. Kivi-Pekka
    is manufactured with professional skill, using high-quality
    steel grades and components carefully selected based on
    more than 30 years of experience. Kivi-Pekka stone pickers
    are now sold in 50 different countries.

    Flex Drum
    Kivi-Pekka’s Flex Drum allows for removal of larger rocks than
    the standard lifting drum. The lifting drum’s power transmission
    is mounted along the drum frame, allowing the frame and the
    entire lifting drum to yield upwards, which makes it possible to
    lift stones with diameter up to 50 cm.
    Because of the Flex Drum’s hydraulic pressure accumulator, the
    drum passes over any large stones it comes into contact with.
    In addition, the drum can be raised into the top position with the
    hydraulic system. The Flex Drum is equipped with a suspension
    system to protect the sieve and tines against the effect of contact
    with stones, thereby extending their service life.

    Tipping height
    All the stone picker models have the same tipping
    height of 2.9 m, which allows you to empty the stone
    hopper even onto high-sided transport equipment,
    such as a dump lorry. This makes transporting the
    stones elsewhere much quicker because there is no
    need to first empty the stone hopper onto the ground
    and then reload it onto the lorry with another machine

    * Soil collecting will return the soil back to the field. The
    stones are also cleaned and can be used, for example, for
    construction or road construction.

    * The welded sieve is made of special steel and can be selected
    according to the direction of cultivation. Lifting drum’s tines rotates
    between the sieve’s bars over the entire length of the sieve: the
    sieve remains clean and will not get block easily.

    *The stone picker has Scharmuller’s towing eye as standard.
    It is possible to install ball coupling as accessory.

    *Tipping height is 290 cm so emptying the stone container to
    bigger trailers is easy

    *The lifting action is achieved with hydraulic cylinder, which raises
    both rotors simultaneously. The rotors are locked into the top
    position with mechanical locks. The PTO shafts can be connected
    during lifting

    *The lifting drum’s power transmission is mounted along the drum
    frame, allowing the frame and the entire lifting drum to yield
    upwards, which makes it possible to lift stones with diameter 50

    *When Kivi-Pekka is operated in dusty conditions, the rotation
    guard monitors the operation of the rotors, the lifting drum and
    main drive PTO shaft. A signal light on the in-cab monitor lights
    up if one of them stops rotating.

    *All tine sizes give way sideways to prevent blockages. That’s
    why rotation backwards is not required. 13x50 tine is much
    more durable than standard 12x45 tine and this lengthens the
    maintenance interval. All tine sizes are equipped with auxiliary
    springs and sprung with rubber plates.

    Standard equipment:
    • Soil collecting
    • The sieve according to direction of cultivation
    • Tyres 560/60-22.5
    • Bogie 560/60-22.5, as standard only with K-P 7
    • Double axles for K-P 5 and K-P 6
    • Tipping height 290 cm
    • Hydraulic working depth adjustment
    • Strong tines and auxiliary tines 12x45
    • Towing hook fastening
    • All PTO shafts

    Optional accessories:
    • Rotor lift
    • Flex Drum
    • Bogie 560/60-22.5
    • Rotation guard
    • Extra strong tines and auxiliary tines 13x50
    • Air brakes
    • 1-circuit hydraulic brakes
    • Scharmuller ball coupling
    • Mud guards

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