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Product Offer

Indigo Wheat Seed Treatment - No upfront fees - Only costs if you increase your yield

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    Indigo offer:
    Indigo Wheat Seed Treatment is free (no upfront costs) if there is not yield increase. Cost only applies if there is a yield increase. So we back our product. How do you measure? Just use Indigo Wheat Seed Treatment on 70% of your crop and compare.

    The Indigo Offer is a new way for farmers to manage their working capital whilst benefiting from proprietary microbial technology to boost crop performance under harsh conditions.

    We pre-pay for a portion of the crop that is equivalent to the cost of production. Indigo then provides Indigo Wheat™, comprehensive IT/agtech tools, and further support to help the farmer capture full market value of the crop.

    Following four years of assessment through controlled trials and commercial field environments throughout the world, our inaugural pilot season of Indigo Wheat™ in Australia was launched in Northwest Victoria in 2017. Results showed an encouraging +14% yield increase vs non-treated wheat across the paddocks. This follows an average yield increase of +15.7% in US commercial fields under high stress conditions earlier in the year. Further info here.

    Indigo Wheat™ leverages naturally-occurring, in-plant microbes (endophytes) that are selected to maximise cereal yields in the Australian wheat belt by improving plant tolerance to water stress – in short, Indigo technology inoculates the crop from environmental stresses.

    The pricing of the technology is determined by the productivity gain realised by the farmer: if it is determined that the technology has been unable to deliver a satisfactory yield increase, the product fee is reduced or ultimately waived.

    Indigo focuses on endophytic microbes that positively impact plant fitness

    Indigo Wheat Seed Treatment - Seed treatment like no other

    1 - Indigo tech interacts at plant level–not dependent on soil types/environment: can leverage overseas as well as AUS data

    2 - No downside risk in commercial model: farmer pays only if the technology works

    3 - Well-credentialed leadership team with strong backgrounds in agriculture

    4 - >US$400m raised: includes Flagship, Alaska Permanent Fund and Dubai Investment Corporation

    5 - >500,000 acres of Indigo tech deployed around the world

    * Product can be applied...
    –, using spray equipment to obtain seed coverage, or
    –...using seed grader truck/seed shed

    * Application instructions
    –Concentrated Indigo product is diluted with non-chlorinated water
    –Product: 3ml / ton of seed
    –Water: 3,000ml / ton of seed
    –Unlike fungicide pickling, 100% seed coverage is not required

    * On-seed stability approx. 45 days
    –Keep product at room temperature (20-25C) and treated seeds below 30C
    –Minimise time between treatment and planting

    * Microbes are compatible with most common treatments
    – Please confirm with Indigo team what seed pickle you intend to use