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Free Freight "Prime" Monthly Members to anywhere in Australia for our NEW Brookfield SuperDrill - Ex Cowra

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    The Brookfield SuperDrill mimics its little brother the ChainBar in all its chains & tooling options. The difference is the SuperDrill is essentially a seeder, with proven success in the field sowing cereals, legumes & pasture.

    In typical Brookfield style, this machine is good for more than one thing. Combine the trash handling abilities of the disc chains with the seeding coulters making the perfect partner for your stubble management program.

    The disc seeding process consists of a coulter offset at 4ᵒ, cutting a slot for stainless steel seed tubes to place the seed. A rear Dog Leg Chain then covers in and firms the soil around the seed.

    What makes the BROOKFIELD® SUPERDRILL unique?
    * Widest variety of proven seeding and pre-seeding applications
    * The key implement to Strategic Tillage – your pathway to success
    * Minimum and Zero till options available (on the same machine!)
    * Huge variety of tooling can be fitted – Disc Chains, Dog Leg Chain, Prickle Chain
    * Level finish for superior small seeds establishment and smooth haymaking
    * Small seeds application kit
    * Chemical application kit
    * Hydraulic chain tensioning

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