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Free Freight for "Prime" Monthly Members to anywhere in Australia for our NEW Brookfield Omnibin - Ex Cowra

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    What is the BROOKFIELD™ OMNIBIN?

    Otherwise known as a seed & super or grouper bin – OmniBin is a highly versatile commodity bin, for handling seed & fertilizer at sowing time, stock feed and general grain handling, including to the silos during harvest.

    Enquire or contact the Ag Centre

    What makes the BROOKFIELD™ OMNIBIN unique?

    The OmniBin is unique in it’s low center of gravity and high capacity. With a variable speed conveyor belt and fully remote control, the OmniBin is the safest, cleanest and simplest bin available.

    Other features on the OmniBin include:

    * Rear dump facility
    * Silo bag filling
    * Sheep feedout
    * Massive 6-7t/min unload capacity
    * 2, 3 or 4 compartments
    * Self-contained stationary engine drive or hydraulics from truck/tractor
    * Powder coated finish
    * Non-oversize

    …It just keeps getting better!!

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