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Discount for PMM's for the Commander Permanant Sheep Yards

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    Looking into a new set or adding on a set of Sheep and Cattle Yards and Shearing fitout look no further than Commander Ag-Quip today!

    We come to you – measure, Quote, Design and install.

    These permanent sheep yards are the premium range we produce. Using a 76x40 oval rail on the top and a 53x35 oval rail on the lower 5 rails. Each panel has a 76mm OD round post on one end and a short 50x50 square post on the other, only the round post gets cemented into the ground, and the other end is joined to the next round post by a heavy-duty clamping system. All gates hinge on a revolutionary nylon bush which has proven to be trouble free and corrosion free. These panels make a very heavy duty state of the art yard system. Ideal for large stock owners and studs.

    Permanent Yard Options:
    * Concrete Working Areas: We recommend concreting your working race and any other high traffic areas, which allows water to drain, requiring less maintenance for years to come.
    * Suspended working race (treated timber or concrete): Save your back! It is a good idea to raise the working race to a more comfortable height, which can be done with concrete or timber. It also allows you to be closer to the race by allowing your toes to be under the floor.
    * Diamond Pen for Flexibility: A small square yard inserted where 4 pens intersect allows for greater flexibility between pens and is also a good place to put a sick seep out of the mob.
    * Dog Flaps: Provide a safe way for your dog to get through the yards without having to jump the fence, saving your dog from serious injury.

    We can also do Shed fitouts and Cattle Yards

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