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9% off RRP if you buy a pallet of more of Oxley Feed Mill Straw Eco Bale 300

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"Prime" Monthly Member price 24 $ 6.21 + GST $ 149.04 + GST
Non-member (RRP) price 24 $ 6.82 + GST $ 163.68 + GST
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    Price is ex Elmore

    Can fit 24 or 30 Eco Bales on a pallet (price displayed is for pellet of 24)

    The Oxley Eco Bale is a brilliantly simple idea, transforming two bales of conventional straw into one compressed and compact easy to handle smaller bale. When the bale is opened, there is minimal dust (due to steam processing) and the biscuits fall apart easily.

    The straw is not "smashed" but merely compressed for easy and cost effective transport. Economical in size and economical on price, the Oxley Eco Bale Straw is suitable for a variety of uses, including bedding for animals and garden mulching.