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9% off RRP for the 2kg pack of Gravilia Ag PRO-KLEEN Granular Tank Cleaner

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    A proprietary pesticide tank cleaner and decontaminant that will successfully decontaminate virtually all pesticides including Sulfonylurea and Phenoxy based herbicides.
    Pro-Kleen Granular Benefits:

    Multi functional
    Long Shelf life
    Concentrated formula
    Cost effective

    Decontaminates all pesticides

    PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR will successfully decontaminate all pesticides provided the cleaning procedures as set out on the label are closely followed.


    PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR contains 3 powerful active ingredients including available chlorine, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and sodium tripolyphosphate.


    The Available chlorine component ensures that sulfonylurea based herbicide residues in the spray tank are completely destroyed by oxidation.
    The sodium hydroxide component ensures that phenoxy based herbicide residues in the spray tank are completely destroyed by alkaline hydrolysis.
    The sodium tripolyphosphate component ensures that any scale (CaCO3) build up in the lines and filters are completely removed. It is critical to remove scale as this can build up in the spray lines over time and can act as a source of secondary contamination as sulfonylurea residues bind to the scale particles. Available chlorine on its own will not remove scale.

    Long shelf life:

    PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR has a guaranteed shelf life of up to 2 years from date of manufacture - even for sulfonylurea decontamination.
    The key to PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR is that the available chlorine component is present in a stable granular form as apposed to the very unstable liquid form.

    Cost Effective:

    When used at rates as per label.


    PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR is an extremely concentrated decontaminant and hence saves freight and storage costs.

    Extensive label directions:

    The PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR label gives a detailed "step by step" procedure to enable growers to successfully decontaminate the different chemical groups.


    No longer is there the need to carry different cleaners for different decontamination jobs - PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR is the "all in one" decontaminant.
    No longer is there the need to worry if there is sufficient available chlorine left in last year's liquid chlorine product.
    No longer is there the need to interpret ambiguous label directions.


    PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR is conveniently packaged into a 10Kg bucket or a 2Kg bottle.
    NEW! 20Kg Contractor Pack - specially developed for contractors with larger machines and requiring larger volumes of product. Available on order only. Please note that a two week lead time is required from time or order to allow orders to be manufactured and packed.

    Other Features:

    PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR contains a novel blue dye tracer that enables the operator to determine when all residue of PRO-KLEEN GRANULAR has been removed from the spray tank once the wash water changes colour from blue to clear.
    This ensures that the next batch of chemical is not broken down by any residual chlorine that may be left in the base of the tank.