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8% off the RRP for Grevllia Ag's Agristretch Crystal Transparent Silage Wrap

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    RRP - $170.00 + GST - 40 to the Pallet

    New technology Agristretch Crystal bale wrap provides quality protection of your baled silage.

    It's as clear as Crystal!

    * 750mm x 1500m x 25µ
    * Clear/Transparent in Color (As Pictured)
    * 40 rolls / Pallet
    * 12 months UV resistance

    Feature - Benefits
    * Clear, transparent film - Bales blend easily to the environment, Quality of silage in the bale can be seen, Makes it easier to trade silage bales based on quality
    * Excellent Oxygen Barrier - Minimises spoilage and maximises silage quality
    * Very High Puncture Resistance - Fewer punctures, fewer repairs, no mould, Provides you with better silage
    * Optimal adhesion (High tackabillity) - Stops water, stops air, reduces tails, maximises silage quality
    * Very High UV resistance - Maximises the life of the wrap, no breakdown of the wrap which provides better silage for you
    * Plastic Core - Gives strength and prevents the core from collapsing from moisture. This makes the product easy to use.
    * 70% Stretch (Up to 80%) - High yield of bales from each role
    * High Temperature Stability - No telescoping or loss of tack effectiveness under Australian conditions