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8% off RRP FOR PMM's for FarmBot Water Level Monitor (Rain guage extra) and the 1st years service fee

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"Prime" Monthly Member price 1 $ 828.00 + GST $ 828.00 + GST
Non-member (RRP) price 1 $ 900.00 + GST $ 900.00 + GST
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    Enquire above (Australian Made)

    The unit
    RRP is $900 + GST (+$150 + GST for a rain gauge attachment). Includes postage

    Annual Service Fee
    RRP is 3G/4G enabled - $342p/a + GST per monitor (includes all data costs + SMS + software upgrades)
    RRP is Satellite enabled - $456p/a + GST per monitor (as above)

    The Farmbot Water Level Monitor is designed for use in tanks and Dams across Australia.

    All our monitors come with a 2 year warranty and we run a diagnostics test on all the monitor fleet every morning and afternoon.

    The mission of the Farmbot Water Level Monitoring Service is to:
    * Reduce tank/reservoir manual inspections by more than 90%
    * Provide timely warning of impending problems caused by water system issues and changing demand
    * Provide detailed information and analysis based the water level history to better understand usage, system problems and support planning for the future
    * The Farmbot system will allow you to access your water level data any time from anywhere in the world on PC, tablet or Phone. It provides SMS alerts when the limits you can set have been breached.

    The Farmbot Water Level Monitors work anywhere in Australia as they use Satellite technology. We also have a 3G/LTE option. The units are compact and take about 10 minutes to install and are operational immediately.

    It is the simplest and easiest system available today and provides you your detailed water level data 24x7 from anywhere in the world. They are typically installed by farm labour as they require no special skills.

    The Service fee covers the Satellite charges, SMS charges for alerts sent to phones as well as the ongoing upgrades to the system with additional facilities coming available over time. All your water level information is securely stored on our servers and backed up as part of our service.

    All you require to use our system is the Monitor and a PC, Phone or Tablet. It does not require any other equipment on your property so it is simple and reliable. You can access your information from anywhere including overseas. You can have a range of users that access the system via their logins. You can simply manage who gets alerts, who logs in and high and low water alerts limits via a web screen. It has admin and standard user options.