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6% off RRP for the TPM Minerals Bovine Boost (25kg Bag)

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    Ex Elmore in 25kg bags

    TPM Bovine Boost is an all-in-one mineral supplement that optimises uptake of key nutritional components in an easy to use loose lick powdered formulation. Where deficiencies present challenges throughout the calving season but maximising feed utilisation is a must for finishing stock, TPM Bovine Boost offers real results for a balanced nutritional package providing improved productivity

    * Contains Essential Salts, Macro & Micro Minerals as well as
    Vitamins A, D & E

    * Scientifically designed to maximise performance & productivity

    * Animal consumes according to individual needs

    * Water resistant qualities

    * A must for maximising feed utilisation for finishing stock andall classes of cattle

    TPM Bovine Boost is specifically formulated to geographical regions and can be customised for individual requirements. Other variations to the all in one loose lick base mineral supplement include Bovatec®, Acid Buf™, Elitox®, Biotin® and a Pre-Calving formulation.