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5% off RRP for PMM's for the Commander 23 Panel Portable Single Axle Sheep Yards (2 other sizes available)

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Prime Membership price 1 $ 6,450.50 + GST $ 6,450.50 + GST
Non-member (RRP) price 1 $ 6,790.00 + GST $ 6,790.00 + GST
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    17 Panel -- RRP $5970.00 + GST ---- PMM Price $5671.50 + GST
    35 Panel -- RRP $8420.00 + GST ---- PMM Price $7999.00 + GST

    Price is for Delivered (Does not include Tasmania) and fully assembled ready to go

    Commander Ag-Quip portable sheep yards are recognised across Australia as well built, simple to use and priced to suit your budget. A set comes with standard panels, 2 x race gates, adaptor post and race support frames. Each panel is 2.2m long and 1m high and uses a sliding pin latching system. The drafting trailer is a 1minute - 1 man operation to set up.

    The portable sheep yards are an essential piece of equipment for the progressive sheep farmer. Many happy customers are using the portable sheep yards to handle their flock especially at lamb marking time instead of mustering to central set of yards where disease such as tetanus is prevalent.

    The Commander Ag-Quip portable sheep yards are simple and quick to set up. The drawbar assembly is raised to a vertical position for operation which gives the operator easy access to the sheep and is safe for the animal. The single axle Drafting Module can easily carry up to 35 panels, which is adequate hold 1300 head. The tandem axle trailer module can carry up to 80 panel to hold up to 2500 head.

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