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2% off the NEW S Houle SLN-18 Land Leveler ex Paskeville, SA

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    Sold on consignment - Ex Paskeville SA

    Hold 8.66 cubic metres of dirt, not teeth, has a GPS pole, 5.5m or 18ft wide

    Seed bed preparation is the most critical step to assure optimal yields. The role of the land leveller is to level the ground by eliminating mounds and hollows. Dirt is moved to fill in depressions where water tends to accumulate and stagnate.
    At Fabrication S. Houle we have a complete range of land levellers that can help you accomplish this task. Our land levellers can be equipped with scarifying teeth designed to break hard ground surfaces, a GPS or a laser post for precision work, positioning headlights for road trips, agricultural or industrial tires mounted in tandem in order to reduce the machine’s waddle, a hydraulic tilting system to work ground along the ditches. All of these are just a few of the long list of features that can be ordered when purchasing our land levellers.

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