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10% off RRP if you buy a pallet of more of Oxley Feed Mill Oaten Eco Bale 300 - Ex Strangways, Vic

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"Prime" Monthly Member price 24 $ 8.60 + GST $ 206.40 + GST
Non-member (RRP) price 24 $ 9.55 + GST $ 229.20 + GST
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    Enquire or call the "Prime" Ag Centre

    Price is ex Strangways, Vic

    Can fit 24 or 30 Eco Bales on a pallet (price displayed is for pellet of 24)

    Oxley Eco Bale Oaten Hay is an easily digestible hay as part of a total ration for your animals. Ideal for improving the overall health of your animals, it is an excellent forage component of your feed ration.