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10% off RRP if you buy a pallet of more of Oxley Feed Mill Lucerne Eco Bale 300 - Ex Strangways, Vic

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"Prime" Monthly Member price 24 $ 13.50 + GST $ 324.00 + GST
Non-member (RRP) price 24 $ 15.00 + GST $ 360.00 + GST
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    Enquire or call the "Prime" Ag Centre

    Price is ex Strangways, Vic

    Can fit 24 or 30 Eco Bales on a pallet (price displayed is for pellet of 24)

    You can see as the biscuits are separated that Oxley Feed Mill Lucerne Hay is a top quality product, with minimal dust and an excellent leaf and stalk structure.

    The majority of our Lucerne Hay is grown on Oxley Farms on the river flats adjacent to the Loddon River.

    This is a premium product that will have all your stock at your feed out station within moments