Sell your Products and Services to "Prime" Subscribers across Australia

Prime - For Companies

What is a company?

A company is an organization that has new product or service to sell.

If you are interested in being a "Prime" Company

What is the cost to list an offer?

It's Free for Companies to list offers but they must offer something in exchange, so subscribers have an "incentive to purchase"

So, what should I offer?

You can use your imagination here. You can offer discounts, added extras, buy 4 get one free offer, fee waived, discount for bulk orders, etc.

So, how dows it work for companies?

  1. Companies would send in a list of products and services they wanted to market to subscribers in exchange for an "incentive to purchase"
  2. A "Prime" representative would load these offers and they would become live on the site
  3. Subscriber would then make a comment through the box provide and the would email the subscribers contact details to the Company representative who would then contact the subscriber and if the purchase was made the company would honor the offer

For more information contact Dwain Duxson on 0427 011 900 or

What are the advantages for companies?

  1. We have a subscriber list that is growing daily
  2. Performance based advertising - If you sell nothing it's free and you still get exposure
  3. New form of online advertising
  4. Getting your products and services out there to a targeted audience
  5. Advertise 24/7/365
  6. Reach an audience outside your local area
  7. Get an advantage over you competitors

How to list in your "Prime" Offers

Companies can market and sell their product lines or services on our "Prime" platform for free and in exchange they pass on an "incentive to buy" to our 22,500 plus members. This "incentive to buy" may come in the form of a discount, a free giveaway, a waived fee, a discount for bulk, etc. You have to right to use your imagination

To list an offer, you must be a registered with Farm Tender. See the link here to register or if you are already registered just go and sign in.

Once you have signed in just got to the - My Account - dropdown at the top right of the page and click on - "Prime" Company Profile – ( see below left ). It will default to your Farm Tender profile and all you do is add in your company name, a bit about your company and your company logo ( see below middle ). Click the images to enlarge.


Once you have set this up, you can start listing your "Prime" Offers. To do so click on the green button and fill out the form. You will have to select a category, work out your Offer, add a description of your product line or service and also include one or more photos ( see above right ).

Once this has been done, it will go into the "pending" file where it will need to be approved to go live

*Please note that Farm Tender "Prime" reserves the right to edit or not list your offer for any reason whatsoever

For more info contact Dwain Duxson 0427 011 900 or

View the "Prime" Offers page here