Machinery Dealers – List Your Machinery & Parts Online for FREE

Farm Tender is a buying and selling platform for farmers and agricultural businesses. It’s a place to trade online. Machinery Dealers can list all their new and used items on our website for FREE and we only ever charge if we make a sale. Also take advantage of our new “Buy it Now” service to sell spare parts

Why should Machinery Dealers list on Farm Tender?

  • More and more farmers are searching for machinery online and through mobile devices (yes we have an app) than ever before
  • Farm Tender is highly indexed on Google
  • We have a specific Farmer led audience of 3000 and growing
  • You can list for free and we only charge if you sell something
  • We can load all the listings for you
  • Unlike others, there is no upfront costs (performance based)
  • We also have account managers who will contact you when there’s an enquiry
  • Sell your parts via our “Buy it Now” service

"I have started using Farm Tender for selling machinery and have been impressed by how the systems works" - John Nicoletti, Merredin - WA

How does it work?

  • You register with and start listing items
  • Or we can list them for you
  • A potential buyer will “Make an Offer” or “Ask a Question” through the website
  • That will come to you in an email, also one of our account manager will contact you
  • You can then talk directly with the potential buyer
  • Hopefully a sale is made

Farm Tender Fees:

  • Remember we only charge you if you sell something
  • You have the opportunity to build our fee into your price
  • The more you list the less the fee


No of Listings (at anyone time)

Cost if Sold

Machinery & Vehicle Dealers (used only)










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  • Get it on Google Play