Crowd Sourcing for Agriculture – Become a “Spotter”

What is a Spotter?

A Spotter is someone who represents someone else. They have the license to list on behalf of a third party. People or organisations have to apply and then be accepted in order to become a Spotter.

Spotters earn a percentage of the income obtained by Farm Tender if a listing is closed (something is sold) and the Farm Tender account has been settled.

How much can Spotters earn?

The maximum amount a Spotter can earn for a completed listing is 50% (25% for listing and/or 25% for completing a listing) of the Farm Tender fee (excluded "Buy it Now" listings)

List as many things as you like under your "Spotters" account

The more you list the more chance you have of selling something

Work from home or remote

The beauty of this position is you can work from anywhere as long as you have phone service and internet connection. These costs will be at the Spotters expense.

There’s skill in creating good listings

Setting out a good listing is important, search plays such a big role these days so it’s important that you get all the keywords in the title. An accurate description is paramount, a price that the seller is comfortable with and of course images are essential. You rarely sell something without an image.

Any questions please call Dwain on 0427 011 900 or email

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