Money Saving Tips for Farmers that are Easy to Stick to

Farm Tender Aug 28, 2017

While owning a farm could be a very rewarding investment, it can be tough to keep a steady flow of savings in that bank account at times. There are small changes that you could make that will actually have a bigger impact on your money savings efforts than you think while also adding a few extra benefits along the way.

Invest in quality equipment

Now, most of you will look at this heading and instantly think of the words ‘big’ and ‘new’. However, this is not the case. Choosing quality equipment that will offer the most value is the point here. This doesn’t just include big machinery items, but also those extras that will protect said machinery from premature wear or damage.

New isn’t always going to be your answer either. While it’s true that newer items may be able to offer you the longest life span, there are many used options that will still give you value for money and perform superbly. It’s all a matter of finding balance.


Once you’ve decided on the machinery, equipment and protective products you will need and purchased them, make sure you are looking after these by conducting maintenance regularly. This may take a little time or money, but this will well be worth it to prevent major problems that cost copious amounts to fix or replace.

On a similar note…

Embrace that DIY side of you and try and complete odd jobs yourself using things you can find or spare bits and bobs that are usually going to waste. There are plenty of tutorials out there to help you get started and you can save more than you think. Of course, only tackle jobs you feel confident and knowledgeable enough in to complete yourself and exercise the right safety precautions.

Don’t forget the animals

If you have animals on your farm there are a couple of things to consider. One is their health; make sure you are doing all you can to care for them and avoid those expensive vet bills. Two, can they offer more help than you realise? Whether it’s getting rid of some weeds by letting your goat munch it up, putting that chicken poop to good use or tilling a garden, there are ways your animals could help you cut costs in the long run.


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