Getting Your Children into Farming

Farm Tender Jul 27, 2017

Whether you are hoping your kids will become passionate about the family business, or simply want them to appreciate the environment and do their part to care for it, getting your children interested in farming is very beneficial. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, and getting your kids immersed in the world of farming needs some careful planning. To get you started, here are our tips. 

Start early 
One of the best ways to get your child interested in farming is by starting at that wondrous age where they are excited by the world. Little kids love things that are new, and exploring their surroundings. Get them out in the dirt early and make it fun. Teach them about plants and seeds, and let them dig the little holes while planting.

Start small
Overwhelm them with a massive space or project and it could have the opposite effect and put them off. Make sure you are starting off with small areas and activities to get them started. Depending on their age, you will need to think about small activities that they can easily achieve. For example, small kids will not be able to carry bigger items and might just be in charge of passing small objects as you need them or taking care of lighter duties such as picking the eggs. 

Introduce them to small, easy to care for animals 
Learning to care for animals can be a great skill for your children and a farm is a great place to learn about animals and their maintenance. Small, easy to care for animals, such as chickens, goats and rabbits, are a great starting point and your kids are sure to love patting and looking after them. 

It’s important to keep in mind that as the parent you may be faced with difficult situations if the animal dies due to illness or a predator and it will be up to you to help your child cope with the situation. Have a think about whether your child is emotionally ready to take this kind of task on, and always be realistic and openly discuss possibilities with your child so they can decide if it is something they could deal with.

Give them their own responsibilities 
When we’re little, we’re all too eager to grow up. You’ll find that kids love to opportunity to help and act like the grownups, so giving them their own responsibilities can get them excited and give them a confidence boost. Make sure these responsibilities are age appropriate and something they can feel accomplished by at the end of it. 


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