Crop Protection for Farmers – Choosing the Right Method for You

Farm Tender Jul 27, 2017

Farming has come a long way since the humble scarecrow when it comes to protecting crops, yet it can still be quite difficult to determine how to protect your crops and your livelihood by being destroyed by pests or disease. If you are thinking about protection methods, here are some things you should consider.

Have you already started growing?

Do you have a crop already, or are you new to the farming game and organising what you would like to grow? If you haven’t yet decided on what you are growing, it is a good idea to check what kinds of pests are most prevalent in your area and, in turn, ones that are rarer. A great pest control method is by avoiding the pest in the first place by selecting a crop that will thrive in an area the pest will hate.

Have you checked the climate?

While pests are definitely a big concern for farmers, disease and climate are both big contributors to crop failures. Are there small changes you could make to modify the climate slightly? Do you need to purchase extra protection such as crop covers or hail nets?

What is your stance on pesticides?

This can be a touchy subject with many farmers having different opinions on the right way to go about pesticides and if they should be used at all. It is well worth doing thorough research to see what’s out there and determine what kind of farm you would like to run. Some pesticides, for example, may be harmful for neighbouring farms and bees, so using them on your property could have damaging effects as they are carried through the air to new areas.

Natural alternatives

Depending on what you are growing, there could be natural ways to protect your crop from pests. Planting varying plants close together could act as a deterrent. For example, chives can repel aphids.  Introducing ladybugs can also help a farmer who is dealing with an aphid problem.

Can technology help?

Got a bird problem? Technology has come a long way and there are a whole range of options for you to choose from to protect your crops. These innovations include drones and ultrasonic bird repellents which could save you a heap of money in the long run if you are requiring more man power for other alternatives. 


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